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User Patches

Welcome at the user patches page! You are free to put things online here (there's an edit function at the end).

  • A cool Reggae pre-processor, an application created with DIrector and CPS (2008)
  • A racing game for blind people created with CPS&Director called Drive (or Sneller in Dutch)
  • Two small but very beautiful CPSBrowser examples from Lazzaro Nicol?Ciccolella
  • €¶łą
  • This uses Josh Nimoy's webcam xtra to have video control sound. Was first developed to play with vermin and microcreatures through a microscope. Uses a Schoenberg sample too. Download zip at dorkbot gent
  • A Granular MIDI interface called AMIS by D.Barnias.
  • What does 'CPS' stand for ? Is CPS based on C-sound ? Is CPS dead?? More...